AI & Robotics Perception Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Intelligent Flying Machines, Inc. (IFM) is looking for an experienced AI & Robotics Perception Engineer who is excited to join a small and experienced team developing autonomous flying robots.

About IFM:

We are IFM, a Chicago based robotics and computer vision company building intelligent perception systems for the digital future of logistics and manufacturing. As a company we are focused on commercializing cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technologies to bridge the gap between what is technically feasible and realistically achievable in real-world, continuous business applications.

Today, we are working with our customers to automate their inventory counting process using a fleet of proprietary flying robots. By combining Deep Learning with conventional Computer Vision methods, our robots know where they are and what they see using no external infrastructure.

What you will be working on:

At the core of our flying robots is a perception stack that enables high level semantic scene understanding. We use a combination of deep convolutional neural networks and conventional machine vision methods to help our systems understand where they are and where to go. To succeed in this position, you need to be excited about refining, optimizing, and tuning neural network architectures for real time inference. You will be a core member of our team, working closely along our founder Marc and with our software team.

How we work:

IFM is built on a set of questions and hypotheses that we want to answer. Our primary focus as a company is to bridge the gap between industry problems and the capabilities of our proprietary state of the art technology. We think of success as answering more questions faster over time.

On the development side, we have a healthy focus on maintaining a proper software development workflow. Our projects are usually planned in 2 week sprints with bi-weekly reviews and constant validation on our dev systems (robots). We have our own in-house warehouse for continuous testing and development.



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