Software Developer

Chicago, Illinois, United States



We develop highly optimized Computer Vision & Machine Learning systems for warehouses and we're looking for an expert python web developer who can help us scale our architecture so we can put our tech in thousands of warehouses. Join us to build cool stuff nobody has built before.

Location: Downtown Chicago

Type: Full Time

Compensation: competitive salary + equity package

Tech Stack:

Python (Flask or Django), HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

AWS: Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Route53, S3, Lambda functions, etc.

Databases: any SQL DB (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.) + understanding of time series databases such as InfluxDB

What you will be working on:

The hardware systems we deploy with our customers stream real-time sensor data to several databases. We combine this information with our customer's data to make their processes more efficient and accurate. We're looking for someone who wants to join our existing team of Computer Vision and Machine Learning Software Engineers to be in charge of our customer facing stack (web and mobile dashboards, visualization tools, etc.). Building on our existing infrastructure, you will be responsible for improving availability, security, and performance while also adding features such as visualization, monitoring, and analysis methods. In addition, you will also be directly involved in deployments as we install and integrate our solutions at more warehouses.



About IFM:

IFM stands for Intelligent Flying Machines. We are a Chicago based company regularly running $ rm -rf limits/* on Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Robotics to make humans more efficient.

IFM is a family of incredibly motivated and driven people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. We come together because of our shared sense of urgency to answer questions and apply what we learn to business problems in massive markets.

At IFM, we do not care a whole lot about where you went to school, how many papers you wrote, or your traditional resume. Instead, impress us with your proven skills and demonstrated abilities to build solid software/hardware that works. Tells us about the problems you solved, the things you broke, and the things you learned. Be fast, nimble, and precise.

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